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类型:英语演讲稿 时间:2016年4月30日


There is no sunlight, no warmth of life; there is no rain, no grain of Fengdeng; no water, there would be no life; no parents, there would be no us. No family ties and friendship, the world would be a lonely and dark. These are very si-mp-le truth, no one would understand, but we often lack an ideological and psychological Thanksgiving.

"Who made the heart-inch grass, at a three Chunhui", "Who knows, A Journey into", which is often when we recite the poem, is to talk about Thanksgiving. The water-en, Yongquan phase reported; title hitch grass, reported in favor of these idioms has been telling us is to Thanksgiving.

Parents to give our lives, we should know how to Thanksgiving and the actual action to return them; teacher gives us the knowledge, we should know how to Thanksgiving and to return their accomplishments; motherland gives us the peace and tranquility of a soil, we should know how to give their Thanksgiving and naturally given We hope that we should know how to Thanksgiving and love to return.

Although self thank Dae, but Thanksgiving is not only to keep in mind, but also in the line to pay. You would like to thank the people who must be the expression of that mind, because it is not only expressed his gratitude, but also a spiritual exchange. In this exchange, we will be a result of such the world has become very beautiful.

Famous scientist Qian motherland in order to return to his mother's ex-feeding, rejected the U.S. government hired him and all the honorary title, decided to return to poverty and backwardneof the motherland, and engaged in science, the modernization of China's national defense building outstanding contributions.

People who know how to Thanksgiving, there is a modest person Zhide; people who know how to Thanksgiving, there is a fear of heart; the people know Thanksgiving is a deep understanding of life person.

Institute of Thanksgiving, we know how to love; Institute of Thanksgiving, thinking learned; Institute of Thanksgiving, it is to understand the world and life.